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Tranquil Environment
TITE  at the Barunei foothill leads an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Learning, Innovation and Developments of new Applications focuses the institutional readiness. The campus is designed with well equipped labs, well maintained classrooms, hostels and recreation facilities such as Canteen, Gym, Grounds for Cricket, Volley ball and Indoor games.
Superb Pedagogy
Faculty is the fountainhead of change in an academic institution. We are proud of our faculty. The faculty team at TITE mirrors the academic fulfillments. The team comprises people with impeccable academic pedigree followed up by Commendable stints is different national training programmers and workshops. Interactive Classroom teaching, doubt clearing classes. Communication on Co curricular and Extra Curricular activity fosters a sense of sharing and team work. It also gives them an appreciation of the fact that in today’s world access to information is not the differentiator. The differentiator is how you convert that information into knowledge.
Guaranteed Employment
After successful completion of an engineering degree from our institution, we assure 100% employment through our training and placement cell.

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Laboratory of Electrical Engineering

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Basic Electrical laboratory where the students understand the use of different measuring instruments, small electrical equipments, transformers, DC & AC motors and perform experiments on it.

Network & Devices laboratory Here the students gain practical knowledge on different electric circuits and the procedure to solve them. The laboratory is equipped with various trainer kits to get the students acquainted with the technology to solve the circuit parameters.

Electrical Machine Laboratories I &II The laboratories are equipped with various electrical machines like 3-phase induction motors, DC motors, Synchronous machines, Transformers, different trainer kits and suitable control panels, where all the experiments on the subjects are conducted. Simultaneously 5 different experiments are conducted by different groups of students.

Electrical & Electronics Measurement Laboratory The students gain the knowledge of measuring different parameters by use of different bridges liken Kelvin’s Double bridge, Maxwell bridge, Schering bridge, Use of Galvanometers Potentiometers, Energy meters, Drawing of hysteresis loop, measurement of power. Equipments like different bridges, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Galvanometers, Spectrum analyzer kit, Hysteresis loop kit etc. are useful to the students to improve their knowledge.

Power Electronics Laboratory
The modern developments in the power electronics are studied and experimented here. The SCR, Triac, Mosfet, UJT trainer kits and triggering kits are the main equipments where different experiments are conducted. The laboratory is fully equipped with sufficient nos of CROs, Firing circuits, Frequency generators and measuring equipments (digital & analog) for the experiments.

Control & Instrumentation Laboratory The students get knowledge about the advanced control system here. The laboratory is equipped with Servomotor trainer kit, Relay trainer kit, Lag-Lead Compensator trainer kit, Galvanometers, trainer kits for Kelvin’s Double bridge, Schering Bridge, Maxwell inductance bridge & LVDT trainer kits to keep the students updated on the subject.

Power System Laboratory
The laboratory educates the students here on the advanced technology on the subject. Various over current, earth fault relays with their control panels and trainer kits help them to have practical knowledge on use of the relays, Measurement of different parameters of transmission lines, Experiments on Synchronous machines are also the points of study here.

Electrical Drives Laboratory with simulation with software like PSCAD and MATLAB The laboratory enables the students to have brief idea about power electronics based electrical drive techniques and simulation of different devices through MATLAB. We have a separate simulation lab having software like MATLAB ,PSCAD and PSPICE for the students.

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