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2011 Activities

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2011 Activities:

Chairman & Managing Director Syndicate Bank visited TITE

Mr. Basant Seth, Chairman & Managing Director Syndicate Bank along with his Team has visited Templecity Institute of Technology and Engineering (TITE) on Dt.24th Sept. 2011. He has interacted with top level management of college Dr. Priyadarshi Tripathy, Director, Dr. Trilochan Sahoo, Principal, Dr.Prasanta ku. Mishra, V.C., Dr.Chittaranjan Mishra, Secretary, Mr. Balkrishna Sahoo, Registrar, Mr. Sudhakar Pahi, V.P. Finance, Mr. Raghujivan Nayak, Head of Finance of TITE regarding the development of institution. They visited library, Central work shop, computer lab, communication lab and Hostel. Mr. Seth was quite satisfied with the future projects and growth strategy of the college. They highly appreciated the facilities, high technology, e-library and Wi-Fi campus and performance of the faculty members of the Institution. They assure the management to patronage meritorious students with their C.S.R. scheme.

Orientation Program for B.Tech 1st year 2011 session students

The newly admitted first year students of the various streams of B.Tech were treated to an orientation program on 14th September 2011.This has organized to benefit the students who were about to experience a new phase in life. The program began at 11.30am with lightning of lamp.
Dr.Subash Chandra Mishra,Member of Governing Body of TITE , Mr. Hara Prasad Das, Chairman, Governing body, TITE were the Guest of Honor of the occasion. Dr.Subash Chandra Mishra spoke of the importance of higher education having a degree. He emphasized on the advancement of technology in comparison to 1970s. Mr. Hara Prasad Das, advised students to keep in mind the purpose for which they pay fees & instead of wasting time they must learn. He inspired all, with a determination take life head on.

Dr. Priyadarshi Tripathy, Director , Dr.Trilochan Sahu, Principal, Dr.Prasant kumar Mishra, Vice chairman .Knowledge Trust, Dr. Chita Ranjan Mishra ,Secretary ,Knowledge Trust, Mr. Balakrishna Sahoo, Registrar addressed the students selected by the Management. The students were introduced about all the facilities available to them on campus for curricular & extracurricular activities, the values of college, the pride of best practices and innovative curriculum, the totality of teaching learning exercise. The students were advised on setting “smart goals”. He asked students to determine goals keeping realism in mind followed by an action plan with consciousness of the respective Time Frame. The session came to an end at 2pm .As part of the Program, the students, parents, and all staff members of the college were treated to a sumptuous feast in the Canteen.

Dr.Aparajita mishra,Alcaltel Lucent,USA visited TITE

She has visited Templecity Institute of Technology and Engineering on 9.9.2011.She is an Adviser of Knowledge Trust. She gave alecture on "Public Safety Applications"to student and faculty members of IT & CSE Dept.

Dr.Basabi Chakraborty, PIEEE JC WIE, Japan visited TITE

She has visited Templecity Institute of Technology and Engineering on 8.9.2011.She gave a lecture on "Person Authentication from Dynamics of Online Handwriting".to the students & faculty members of CSE & IT Dept.

Dr. Satyabrata Si, Professor from France inaugurated TITE Chapter of ISTE

A Lecture on “Peptide Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles” was organised by Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) TITE Chapter on 6th Aug 2011 at the campus of TempleCity Institute of technology & Engineering (TITE). In that talk Principal TITE Dr. Priyadarshi Tripathy, Dr. Satyabrata Si, Professor of ICMCB-University Bordeaux1, France and all the faculties of TITE were participated. Principal TITE Dr. Tripathy has emphasised on the importance of that talk as a need based one in the 21st century. Prof. Dr. Satyabrata Si discussed the use of biomolecules like proteins/peptides to functionalize the nanoparticles has the potential to revolutionize nanoparticle research for its potential application in bioassay, drug delivery, nanomedicine and bio-imaging. Further he has discussed the way how Peptide Gold Nanoparticles will helpful to cure the diseases like: Cancer, Skin related diseases and the like. By using these particles within the light how we can get different coloured lights that was also discussed. After the talk one contextual question-answer session was organised by ISTE, TITE Chapter. Finally, the lecture was ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Tripathy, Principal, TITE.

Mr. Bhaskar Rajah,` Retd. American Consolate Officer visited TITE

Mr. Bhaskar Rajah,` Retd. American Consolate Officer visited TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering on 4.08.2011 and conduct a seminar on “career development through International Higher Education” to the students & faculty members.



President of Sri Sri University Dr.A.Lakshman Rao’s visit to TITE

Dr.A.Lakshman Rao President of Sri Sri University visited TempleCity Institute of Technology and Engineering (TITE) on 18th June 2011 .Dr. A.L. has been the COO of Wipro Ltd. and a member of Corporate Executive Council of Wipro Corporation. He shared his practical experiences which facilitated the growth of Wipro, with the Principal Prof. (Dr.) Priyadarshi Tripathy, Secretary Dr. Chitta Ranjan Mishra and Vice Chairman Dr.Prashanta Kumar Mishra. Dr.Rao also advised faculty member to work hard in learning new technology and should participate in group discussion in resolving the issues. He also mentioned some of the characteristics should be unique with a person which will be helpful in growth of his carrier and his organization. Dr. A. Rao also expresses his desire to spend more time with faculty members and students of this college.

Dr. Prasanta Panigrahi’s visit to TITE

Dr. Prasanta Panigrahi, Professor at Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Calcutta and his wife Drs. Asima Pradhan, Prof. at IIT, Kanpur visited TITE on 16.06.2011. Dr. Panigrahi did his Ph.D from University of Rochester, New York, U.S.A. in 1988 later on he did his post Doc. Doctoral Research work from University of Montreal, Canada and University of ILLINOIS at Chicago, USA. During his visit to TITE he gave a presentation on ‘Wavelet Transformation’ to our esteemed faculties and staff members. Having finished his presentation he inaugurate TITE Physics Laboratory. Lastly in a press conference he boasted of TITE strategies for making it a centre of excellence.

Senior IFS’s Mr. Sidhanta Das Visit to TITE

Secretary, Pollution Control Board, Govt. of Orissa, Mr. Sidhanta Das, visited TempleCity Institute of Technology (TITE) on 8th June 2011. As a senior administration officer of Govt. of Orissa, he has gained a lots of empowers as a profound Indian Forest Service (IFS) and hold different senior positions in Govt. of Orissa since 1980. In a visit to TITE he has interacted with all faculties, staffs and as a whole with principal, TITE Dr. Priyadarshi Tripathy. During his visit he has addressed a seminar on “Global Warming” with special reference to a NALCO project, named “Carbon sequestration by ALGAE from Thermal Power Plant”. In that seminar, he has vividly discussed about the causes & effects of global warming and suggests the corrective measures and policy recommendation to combat this situation. In a press conference he has expressed that his visit to TITE was successful.

USA Professor Dr. Punya Mishra's visit to TITE

Dr. Punya Mishra, Prof and Director of Michigan State University visited TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering (TITE) on 19th May 2011. He has done his Ph.D at University of Illinois. As a member of International Advisory Committee of TITE he has interacted with Principal, Dr. P. Tripathy on curriculum, quality aspects of technical education, essence of educational technology, future planning of placement of students and so on.

During his visit he inaugurated the Communication Lab of TITE and in a seminar he has addressed to all the faculties & staff members on “Appropriate knowledge required for the successful in 21st Century” on account of rapid change in technology, economic advancement and fluctuation in market forces, how almost all the organizations will face many significant upheaval in future, these concepts has discussed lucidly and vividly by Dr. Punya Mishra. In that seminar he has stressed upon the pedagogical aspects of technical education and emphasized on the intelligent use of technology to support student enquiry, construction, expression and communication through active learning strategies. Lastly in a press conference he has said that his visit to TITE was very successful.

Mega Blood Donation Camp at TITE

A Mega Blood Donation Camp was organized by TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering (TITE) with Co-ordination of "Sambad- Ama Odisha Charitable Trust" Bhubaneswar on 2nd April 2011 at knowledge Campus, Barunei, Khurda. In that camp the Red cross Society has collected blood from staffs, faculties, trustees and students of TITE. In that camp Mr. Soumya Ranjan Pattnaik on behalf of Sambad- Ama Odisha Charitable Trust was present there and encourage the students and staffs to donate blood for the welfare of the mankind.

Visit of Eminent Economist’s Prof (Dr.) Satya P. Das to TITE

The eminent economist of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi, Prof (Dr.) Satya P. Das visited TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering (TITE) on 19.3.2011. Prof (Dr.) Das was born and brought up in Cuttack and served more than 22 years as a Professor in different universities in USA. He has done Ph.D. in Economics from Southern Methodist University, U.S.A. He has taken an interactive session in a seminar on “Game Theory” and vividly discussed how game theory will able to solve the current socio-economic problems comprising the terrorism in the society. In that seminar all the faculties, staff members were present. Principal, TITE Prof (Dr.) Priyadarshi Tripathy and Vice-Chairman, TITE Dr. P.K Mishra were present and discussed with Dr. Das on the future planning of the institution with respect to quality aspects in higher education, placement and all-round development of the students.

During his visit he has seen all the laboratories, library, administrative blocks, class rooms & so on. He has inaugurated the central library of TITE and signed a document as an advisor of International Advisory Committee of TITE. In a press conference he declared that his visit to TITE was great success.


Visit of Massachusetts’s Scientist Dr. Pradeep K. Dhal to TITE

Dr. Pradeep K. Dhal, a Scientific Fellow at Genzyme Corporation in Waltham, Massachusetts, has visited TempleCity Institute of Technology and Engineering (TITE) on 25th February 2011. Dr. Dhal’s prior professional experiences include Senior Scientist at Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Scientist at National Chemical Laboratory in Pune. He inaugurated the Chemistry Lab in the department of Basic Sciences, TITE and addressed faculty members and staffs about research project undertaken by him at Genzyme, a pharmaceutical company at Boston, USA.

During his discussion he has elaborated how Chemistry helps to bring out innovation in the field of pharmaceutical science as well as in the domain of engineering. In this context, he has cited and shared his practical experiences of his company with the faculties along with Principal Prof.(Dr.)Priyadarshi Tripathy, Secretary Dr. Chitta Ranjan Mishra and Vice-Chairman Dr. Prashant Kumar Mishra. In a press conference the trustees have said that his advice and suggestions towards the improvement of TITE in general and the department of Chemistry in particular, curriculum development, research and development were very much indispensable. Lastly, he expressed that his visit to TITE was very much satisfactory as well as successful.

"Transparency & Residential Campus Required For An Ideal Institution” – Prof. (Dr.) Damodar Acharya

On the eve of Annual Function of TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering (TITE) – TEKFORIA – 2011, invited Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Damodar Acharya, emphasized on transparency and residential campus which are crying need for the resurgence of a qualitative and idealistic educational institution. Its essential to produce few better technocrats than maintaining massive engineering studies in our state. In order to make it quite precise, he points out that the annual enrollment of the total student strength in our country figures out approximately 12 lakhs which is not a proper parameter to choose the successful engineers. He also made that students should gain the practical utility of knowledge in the field of engineering studies. There is the much more need of engineering profession in the country like India.

Along with the invited guest, Chief Speaker, Mr. Soumya Ranjan Pattnaik, Editor of ‘Sambad’ highlighted the idea of becoming social activist with the idea of debating the role of engineering students in current scenario. Another renowned guest on the dias, Mr. Haraprasad Das, noted literary figure of Odisha also made the inclusiveness of successful engineers in the society. He quoted an example of Paul Getty, an ordinary man who became a millionaire by the wish and zeal. The dream came true with fulfilling the substance than the style of an average humanity. Padmashree Prof. Gopal Mitra also maintained that TITE is going to be an ideal institution in the recent future. TITE has got the unique position in the history of proliferation of engineering colleges in Odisha not taking the donation from the students. In this grand ceremony the Secretary, Dr. Chitta Ranjan Mishra, Vice-Chairman, Dr. Prasant Kumar Mishra of Knowledge Trust and Principal, Dr. Priyadarshi Tripathhy of the institution were present to felicitate this TEKFORIA-2011.

Visit of Prof. Bhubaneswar Mishra from USA & Goutam Chakraborty from Japan to TITE

Bhubaneswar (Bud) Mishra, professor, Computer science and Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU, USA and Professor (Dr.) Goutam Chakraborty, Professor and Head of the Intelligent Informatics Lab at the Iwate Prefectural University, Japan have visited TITE on 23rd February 2011. Prof. Mishra has inaugurated the Computer Lab-I and Professor (Dr.) Goutam Chakraborty has inaugurated Java computer Lab in the deptt. of CSE at TITE. They have also interacted vividly with the faculty members along with Principal Prof.(Dr.)Priyadarshi Tripathy,Secretary Dr.Chitta Ranjan Mishra and Vice-Chairman Dr. Prashant Kumar Mishra on the all round development of the college.

Their contributions towards TITE are very much noticeable and constantly they have been providing the need based and appropriate strategies, planning, vision to improve the quality of education and research activities in TITE as the Principal and trustees have said in a press conference. Prof. Chakraborty has address all the staffs as well as faculties in a seminar on “An Intelligent Co-operative Power Aware protocol for cluster based sensor Networks.”

In course of discussion he inculcates some inputs on value based education within the faculties of TITE and advice them to go for some need based as well as broad research programmes within the jurisdiction of the institute, which ultimately help for the organisational development. Their individual association with TITE, as advisor, will definitely be an asset to us as the trustees said and on the other hand the visit to TITE were very much effective as Prof. Mishra and Prof. Chakraborty have said.

Visit of Sri Hara Prasad Das to TITE

Sri Hara Prasad Das, State president of Infinity Education Foundation (IEF), eminent educationalist, scholar, poet and sahitya academy award winner addressed TITE facility members on 18 February,2011 with respect to “Work Culture” & “How to Motive Student in Class”.


Visit of Prof. Bala Balachandran to TITE

Prof Bala Balachandran ,Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounts,Chicago, USA visited TITE on 08.02.2011 on the auspicious occassion of Saraswati Puja.

Visit of Prof. Hal Ravache to TITE

Prof. Hal Ravache, Ex-president, Stevens, Institute of Technology, USA has visited TITE, on 02.02.11 as part of his mission to understand the educational system and procedures in the technical institutes in the state. He had a thorough discussion on such parameters like educational quality, methodology and facilities at TITE with Priyadarshi Tripathy, Principal, TITE, Dr. P.K. Mishra, Vice-Chairman and Dr. C.R. Mishra, Secretary, Knowledge Trust and expressed his happiness with the same.

Cricket Club Inauguration by Pragyana Ojha

Oriya cricket sensation Shree Pragyan Ojha had made a visit to our campus and inaugurated the TITE- Cricket Club. Shree Ojha had made his debut in First class cricket in the year 2004/05; Ojha is a left-arm spinner who has represented India at under-19 level. He finished the 2006-07 Ranji Trophy season with 29 wickets at 19.89, in just 6 games. Pragyan Ojha plays for the Hyderabad and the Deccan Chargers in the Indian Premier League. His highly successful campaign in the first season ensured selection in the 15-man Indian squad for the Bangladesh tour and Asia cup. He has performed exceedingly well in the 3 editions of IPL, earning the praise of his captain Adam Gilchrist. In IPL 3 he was awarded the Purple Cap for picking up the most number of wickets in the tournament.

He attended a conference at TITE and addressed the students and staff on his experiences being a part of International Cricket. He also faced a Press conference and spoke about his aims and ambitions. He had also been accompanied by his Father Shri Maheswar Ojha and brother-in-law Shri Alok Jena. The occasion was also adorned by our International Advisor Shri Gokul Agarwal.


Shopping Mall Management In India

Mr.Prakash Chandra Dash(Lecturer,Humanites) presented follow up seminar about his experience at IIM-Ahmadabad(4th Doctoral Colloquium) on the topic “Shopping Mall Management In India- A Conceptual Framework” .In addition he Spoke about the importance of research in academics.

Sarve Santu Niramaya: Computational Biology's Promises for India (Held in TITE – Jan4th 2011, 2 PM to 3 PM)

Prof. Bud Mishra is a professor of computer science and mathematics at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, professor of human genetics at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and a professor of cell biology at NYU School of Medicine. He founded the NYU/Courant Bioinformatics Group, a multi-disciplinary group working on research at the interface of computer science, applied mathematics, biology, biomedicine and bio/nano-technologies. He had been to Templecity to Deliberate on “Computational Biology's Promises for India.”

In his seminar he focused on the recent advances in DNA sequencing technology and their focal role in Genome Wide Association Studies have highlighted many intrinsic problems with the way genomics algorithms are implemented and the genomics data, collected and used: for instance, the approximate and incomplete whole-genome sequence assembly (WGSA) solutions. Here, a new strategy, based on global constrained optimization and branch-and-bound, is proposed and embodied in an efficient and accurate assembler, SUTTA. SUTTA is shown to intelligently deal with various errors in sequence reads and nonrandom structures in the genomes, without sacrificing performance in space and time efficiency. A new metric (“Feature-Response Curve”) is presented to compare assemblers’ performance and accuracy transparently.

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