Degree & MBA Programme

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1. Healthcare & Hospital Management:

Equip yourself to lead in the dynamic healthcare industry with a focus on finance, quality assurance, and patient care management. Learn to navigate healthcare policies and regulations, and develop strategies for efficient healthcare delivery.


2. General Management:

Gain versatile managerial skills in organizational behavior, strategic planning, and financial management for leadership roles across industries. Focus on Human Resources, Marketing, Systems, and Finance, understanding the principles of effective team management, organizational development, and business strategy.


3. Artificial Intelligence & Data Science:

Harness the power of data with advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI applications for strategic business decisions. Explore data visualization techniques and predictive modeling for actionable insights.


4. Agribusiness Management:

Merge business acumen with agricultural knowledge, focusing on economics, supply chain management, and sustainable farming practices. Understand market trends, agricultural finance, and global food systems.


5. Travel & Tourism Management:

Dive into destination management, hospitality operations, and tourism marketing for roles in the vibrant travel industry. Gain insights into event planning, cultural tourism, and sustainable tourism practices.


6. Logistic & Supply Chain Management:

Master inventory control, transportation logistics, and supply chain optimization for roles in procurement and operations. Explore lean management principles and global logistics strategies.


7. Retail Management:

Learn effective merchandising, customer relationship management, and retail operations for leading retail businesses in a dynamic market. Understand e-commerce trends and omnichannel retailing for competitive advantage.