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Scholarship and Welfare

Scholarship and Welfare

TITE's Awards:-

Students Scholarship Schemes:

1.    A merit scholarship of Rs.25,000/-each may be given to the top 3 students in terms of CGPA at end of 8th Semester to promote healthy competition among the students securing not less than 9.0 CGPA with memento and citation.
2.   For each semester 95% attendance and securing 90% marks and above (average) will be given Rs.1,000/- with citation.
3.   For each semester 100% attendance and securing 90% marks and above (average) will be given Rs.1,500/- with citation.
4.   Students who will be topper in National or State level Quiz / Debate / Essay / Ex-tempo speech / GD will be given a Silver plated Medal with citation.
5.   Year wise branch topper having more than CGPA 8.5 will be given a Silver plated Medal with citation.
6.   College topper year wise will be given a Gold plated Medal with citation.
*Note: Students eligible for Sl. No.- 6 will not be considered for Sl. No.- 5.
7.    Annual income less than 2 lacks of the parents / guardians and having CGPA more than 8.0 and attendance more than 85%, without any back log in the proceeding semesters, will be eligible for the merit cum economically weaker assistantship of Rs.10,000/- .

General Guidelines:
1.    A student should have at least 85% attendance to be eligible for an award / scholarship.
2.    A student should not have any involvement in any indisciplinary activity in the views of the college authorities.
3.    Cash award will be given in the form of Bank Draft / Cheque.
4.    The required documents for the purpose are to be provided by the students to the committee as and when required.
The number of scholarship holder in each category will be decided by the selection committee which is final and binding.

Bput Scholarship:-

Government of Orissa has instituted several merit-cum-means scholarships amounting to Rs.10,000/- per student per annum for students studying professional courses in Technical Institutions inside and outside Orissa that are enacted by State Legislation or recognized by AICTE or UGC or by respective State Legislations.

Eligibility Criteria:

i)   The student must be a permanent resident of Orissa.

ii)    The annual income of parents from all sources shall not exceed Rs.4.5 lakhs.

iii)    A student already in receipt of any scholarship can not avail this scholarship unless he/she opts to forgo the other scholarship.

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