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About TITE

TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering (TITE)

“THE TEMPLECITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING” (TITE)  is approved by AICTE & affiliated to BPUT, The world is changing at the speed of thought; ideas are to be implemented before they can be mapped, and similarly, education today, necessarily have to be a part of mainstream learning and corporate activity. The new world that has emerged over a new horizon and that is visible only to the trained eye of TITE promoters.

TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering has been one such endeavor in that direction. The educational activity of the TITE will have the technology at par with the best in India., will have teaching tools comparable with the top line facilities available in the field, will be highly competitive in terms of quality and price.

At TITE, we believe in global foundation on a wide knowledge base, that includes the elements of professional, subjective, practical and spiritual aspects. Our programs are tailored keeping in mind the global technical and professional environment of international standards. TITE’s objective of an academic program which would be would class excellence is being shared equally by the institute’s faculty, students, corporate sponsor and management. Through our academic program we endeavor to nurture future technological leaders who shape the destiny of organizations in the new millennium with an orientation towards global thinking which builds management initiative, responsibility and discipline. Our faculty is encouraged to consult industry and contribute to contemporary research, while our students are encouraged to relate it to the current business practices. Education at the institute has a well-grounded international perspective that imparts technical skills and qualities to its students.

It is an institute of new generation where efficient technocrats are produced. It is a place where, apart from learning engineering tools, participants are exposed to those qualities, which make them excellent human beings; it ensures development of healthy work culture necessary for a good professional. The striking aspects of the institute’s B.Tech. program are to meet the growing needs of industry and groom students for higher studies in institutes of National & international repute. We bring about desirable and need-based innovative skills relevant to the changing need of our time. The institute imparts value added education as part of technical education.