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Basic Science

Faculties of Basic Science

Mr.Ranjan Kumar Sahoo(Assistant Professor )  Continuing Ph.D in Mathematics( KIIT Univeristy), M.SC (Utkal University, odisha)
He has 14 years of experience in teaching Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Optimization Engineering. His area of interest is in Fluid Dynamics and Number Theory. He has wide interest and experience in attending, presenting and publishing various papers related to his field of teaching in the institution.

Ms.Prachismita Samal(Assistant Professor )  B.sc(Utkal University, Odisha), M.sc(NIT, Rourkela )
She has 6 years of experience in teaching Mathematics-I, II, III, Discrete Mathematics, Decision Science and Computational Number Theory. Her area of research interest is Fluid Dynamics and she has completed some of the project works related to MHD Nano Fluid Flow in a semi porous channel in IIT, Mandi, HP and published a paper based on Complex Analysis in ISSN journals.

Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Routaray (Assistant Professor ) M.Sc. in Physics (Utkal University)
His area of research interest is Astroparticle physics, Cosmology and computational condensed matter physics. His area of specialization is CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS. He has attended about 50 National And International Physics Seminars, Webinars, Conferences & workshops organized by CERN, NASA, Scientific American, Zeiss, INSA, NASI, IAPT, IAPS, IASB, IQAC, TIFR, NISER, IOP, IUCAA, DU, MU, MGCU, TEQIP-III, SAS, CU, KIIT and various universities in India and Abroad during 2016-21. He has a publication in International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT) with the title “Hawking Radiation”