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Mechanical Engineering

General Engineering Workshop

The market for general engineering workshop has got wide scope due to fast growth of industrialization, especially in the service sector. Spares for automobile parts, machine parts, etc can be manufactured. Repair & maintenance jobs for house hold items can be taken for welding, sheet mental fabrication, carpentry works etc.

Different Shops available in central workshop are as follows:

1. Fitting Shop
2. Welding Shop
3. Machine Shop (Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Cutting etc)
4. Blacksmith
5. Carpentry

Different Jobs Prepaired in Central Workshop are:
Fitting Job :
Prepare one job on male female fitting
Welding Job : Preparation of single V butt joint by electric arc welding
Turning job : Prepare one job with plain turning, step turning & knurling & thread cutting

List of Machines & Accessories available in Central Workshop
SSSC Lathe:4 ½’’, Radial drill machine, Milling Machine Universal type, Drill machine, drill machine bench type, hydraulic Power Saw, Slotting Machine, bench Grinder, Wood Lathe, Wood Thickness Planner, Band Saw, Carpentry Vice, Bench Vice, Welding Transformers-400amp, Anvil with stand, Swage Block, Forging Health with Motor Blower and also sufficient marking, measuring, cutting, stricking Hand tools are available.