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Canteen & Cafeteria

Canteen & Cafeteria

Ever since the establishment of institute, TITE, certain activities have come into the fore which retains TITE’s core brand positioning. To provide nutritious as well as hygienic food for the hostelites and day scholars is an usual responsibility on the part of institutional management. The two different canteens in the college premises have become fully operational. One is exclusively meant for hostelites which can accommodate 300 students to serve the food at a time. This canteen is well equipped with ultramodern furniture, automatic cooking setting with electric manipulation. This canteen serves different flavor for the adoption of students in an excellent cuisine.

The other canteen is also serving at its best of a unique recipe for the staff and day scholars. The food is qualitative and it’s available in a very balanced rate. The fooding system creates an utmost satisfaction to the pupil’s need and desire.There is also a refreshment center, Cafeteria which is opened in the academic building. Its serves tea, coffee and snacks in a great extent.