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Health, Yoga & Multi Gym

Health, Yoga & Multi Gym


To accomplish anything a sound body is an essential requisite.Body is the temple that should be attended to in order to live a fruitful and sucessful life. We at TempleCity understand this as essential and indispensable to lookafter this very important aspect. The dispensary provides medical aid to the hostelites and dayscholars. Van facilities are available for 24 hours to meet the emergency needs of the hostelites and college. The pharmacy service is available 24 hours for hostelites, even during the college hours. A full fledged first-aid treatment is given in the campus to attend the needy. The college has also made arrangements with doctors to attend emergency cases at all times. The college has many support services for the benefit of the students as well as staff. In event of arising of any emergency, college van along with one night duty driver is kept in attendance after college hours.General medical checkup of newly admitted students besides treating day to day problems of students as well as staff members and faculties.Fully furnished rest room as provided in the girls’ hostel and also boys’ hostel. All the first-aid treatment for fever, headache and muscle pain are given as quickly as possible. The medicines are purchased regularly as per requirement. The medicine stocks are checked every week.

Working hour:- 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM (College hour),7.30 PM to 9.00 PM (hostel visiting).


In the fitness of things the device of yogic practices could design the lifestyle of individual who could lead a healthy body with healthy mind. Yoga brings physical and mental efficiency. It gives good concentration, good health, balance of mind and peace of mind. It also confers immortality, eternal bliss freedom perfection, perennial joy and everlasting peace. Yoga bestows liberation from the wheel of birth and death. The students would be immensely benefited by adopting Yoga in their life. Their vision and personality would open a new vista in the world of vision. It may be remembered that though Yoga was originated here in this country yet it has crossed limitation of boundary. It is an approach of a secular practice which does not restrict any person from one’s own belief and way of worship. Yoga practice a higher state of spiritual way of living ignores small boundaries of sects, religions and nationality etc. According to Sri Aurovindo Yoga is an allround personality development of physical mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. He means by Yoga, a methodical effort towards perfection by development of self personality. Swami Vivekananda puts Yoga as a means of compressing one’s evolution into a single life or a few months or a few days or hours of bodily existence.

Multi Gym:

It has possible required machines available here