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Humanities : The Discipline

Humanities are academic disciplines which study the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytic, critical, or speculative and distinguished mainly from natural and physical science. The subjects that constitute humanities are literature, law, economics, management, linguistics and the like. Humanities simply place impossible demands on the relevant academic departments on account of their inevitable contribution towards understanding a subject in its proper sense.


Humanities: The Job market:

Management has become a vey indispensable part of technical education. Any engineer today has to play the versatile role of being both a man of technology and a man of management. The communication skills, the budget planning, human resource development are important areas that have become complementary to the technical skills. An engineer with conceptual, technical and human skills is what companies are looking for.


Humanities: At TITE:

At templecity, we provide bouquet of various subjects in humanities with compulsory credit points in various semesters. This helps in proper grooming of personality and perspectives of the students. Subjects like economics, marketing management, organizational behavior, communicative English provide them an insight to improve their soft skills and broaden their horizons. A newly added “Entrepreneurship development project” aims towards reshaping their innovative and creative spirit.