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Laboratory Nursing

Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing Lab:
• Aims to appreciate fundamental concepts and principles.
• Objectives: Acquire skills in antenatal/postnatal care, neonatal management, and mother-child nursing.
• Facilities include manikins, models, specimens, and instruments.
• Activities: Demonstrations on delivery, newborn care, resuscitation, sterile tray preparation.

Paediatric Lab:
• Objectives: Prepare for safe child handling and various procedures.
• Facilities equipped for practical learning with dummy models and exhibits.
• Activities: Practice child health procedures, learn about modern care practices.

Community Health Nursing Lab:
• Aims to develop understanding of rural community health management.
• Objectives: Provide care, develop clinical skills, participate in community programs.
• Facilities include equipment for primary care, practice areas, and educational displays.

Nursing Foundation Lab:
• Enhance understanding between doctors, nurses, and patients.
• Provide practical demonstrations in an institutional setup.

• Introduce hospital procedures through simulated setups.
• Prepare students for real hospital events.
• Explain basic nursing model concepts.

• Well-furnished lab with patient beds, CPR dummies, instruments.
• Manikins for adult and newborn simulations.
• Display charts on O2 masks, injection sites, medication methods.

• Practice CPR, IV insertion, bed baths, hospital instrument use.

Computer Lab:
• Develops basic computer understanding and applications in nursing.
• Define computer concepts and nursing applications.
• Demonstrate internet, email usage, and hospital management systems.

• Well-furnished lab with internet access and necessary software.

• Use internet for reference and learning computer skills.

Anatomy Lab & AV Aids Lab:
• Equipped with models, charts, and specimens for practical anatomy study.
• Aims to offer a realistic study of human anatomy..
• Familiarize students with various anatomy systems.
• Provide hands-on learning experiences as per curriculum.
• Reinforce learning for better comprehension.

These labs at the nursing college offer students practical skills, theoretical understanding, and a simulated environment to enhance their learning and prepare them for their nursing roles.