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Pharmacy Lab:

The Pharmacy Lab at our institution is a vital space where students gain practical knowledge and skills essential for the field of pharmacy. It is designed to provide hands-on experience and a simulated pharmacy setting for students to learn and practice various pharmaceutical procedures.

• To develop a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical concepts and principles.
• To acquire practical skills in compounding, dispensing, and preparation of pharmaceutical products.
• To familiarize students with the use of modern pharmacy equipment and technologies.
• To provide a safe and controlled environment for pharmaceutical experiments and research.

• Learn and practice compounding techniques for various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, and ointments.
• Understand the principles of pharmaceutical calculations and dosage preparations.
• Gain proficiency in handling and operating pharmacy equipment such as balances, dispensing machines, and measuring devices.
• Explore the use of computer software for pharmacy management and inventory control.
• Participate in research projects related to pharmaceutical sciences and drug development.

• Fully equipped lab with pharmaceutical compounding stations.
• Assortment of pharmacy equipment including balances, dispensers, mortar and pestle sets.
• Access to modern technologies for drug formulation and analysis.
•Inventory of raw materials and chemicals for pharmaceutical preparations.
• Computer workstations with pharmacy management software.

• Practice compounding and dispensing of various dosage forms under supervision.
• Conduct experiments to understand drug stability, dissolution, and bioavailability.
• Perform pharmaceutical calculations for accurate dosage preparations.
• Use pharmacy software for inventory management and prescription processing.
• Engage in collaborative research projects exploring new drug formulations and delivery systems.

The Pharmacy Lab serves as a dynamic learning environment where students apply theoretical knowledge into practical skills, preparing them for successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.